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Many of us have had to move from one home to another sometime in our lives for various reasons. One of the most difficult things to do is shifting all the equipment. While most of the small equipment can be moved easily by hand, when it comes to heavier items it becomes extremely hard. Televisions, refrigerators and washing machines are perfect examples. Most people would just get a removal company contracted to move everything out but they are not at all cheap. Especially if you are a college student or getting married, this is where an Appliance Dolly can save the day.

Appliance DollyIntroduction to Appliance Dollies

An appliance dolly is a kit that is seemingly built from the simplest of parts but they offer exceptional functionality. It resembles metal framed piece of moving equipment shaped like an ‘L’. It is just like a hand truck and it easily enables movement of large and heavy household items for transportation.

The construction is mostly from steel tubing with handles situated at the top and a plate at the bottom. The L shaped design makes it very easy to move things around. The rubber tires enable movement form one place to another. Most retailers around the world use dollies to deliver products like large household appliances right to the client’s address. They can not only be used for household appliances but also couches and dressing tables. The dollies are designed in a way that they can withstand heavy appliances thanks to the steel tubes. Some dollies can withstand up to 1200 pounds of weight. Small dollies typically have a carrying capacity of 500 pounds. The weight limits are always mentioned by the manufacturers on the boxes so it is easy to find dollies that are suited to your need.

An appliance dolly is a lifesaver. If you do not have the experience of moving large appliances by hand, you can rest assured that it is extremely difficult. There are risks of hurting yourself or dropping the appliance causing injuries, damage flooring or damage to the appliance itself. A dolly is extremely useful in this regard and makes moving heavy appliances a breeze. If you are still unsure about moving appliances to the truck by yourself consider consulting a professional moving company who can relieve you from all the physical effort for a price.

How to use Appliance Dollies

First and foremost, using an Appliance Dolly alone is not recommended. It is quite safer with the help of another person. You can move things alone but it is unsafe as you can hurt yourself. Here are some tips you can follow when using appliance dollies alone.

•    Slide the truck of the dolly under one side of the appliance.

•    Use the strap provided with the dolly to attach the appliance and ensure it is centered.

•    Read all instructions on the manual of the dolly to ensure you are following everything to the point.

•    All plugs and wires on the appliances should be tied up before moving it to avoid accidents or damage to the appliance.

•    Slowly lift the dolly with your foot and ensure the appliance is sitting correctly.

•    Always check the weight of the appliance and the weight capacity of the dolly before moving anything. Failing to do so may lead to accidents or breakage.

How much do appliance dollies cost?

The average cost of appliances dollies cost 90$. If you are looking for larger models that have higher lift capacities, expect them to cost upwards of $120. Prices also depend on the manufacturers and quality. Ensure you always get the best quality products irrespective of price.It is up to you to decide for yourself which dolly to purchase depending on your requirements.

Appliance dollies are extremely convenient to use and reduce a lot of stress and burden. They are most commonly used by students when they move from home. They also save costs by eliminating the need of hiring professional movers to move all your appliances and belongings.

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Appliance Dolly